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Multimoulds for Automated Smooth Cheese Lines


  These types of Cheese Moulds  are applicable at automated smooth lines for soft and semi – soft cheese. The moulds obtain extremely robust construction, easy for maintenance and could be used in group with each other.


CheeseMould MF  - multi element combination of forms with net weight of the formed product from 0.300kg up to 9kgs for each element


Virgin polypropylene (PP) - food safety certified.




Multimoulds                                        Model CheeseMould MF

CheeseMould MF1


   Type  Multimould whith round elements









Size of each component:


 Volume   0,300 kg
 Diameter ø 95 mm
 Height     47 mm



Possible count of the elements:                 10, 12  


CheeseMould MF2


 Type  Multimould whith rectangular elements





Size of each component:


 Volume   8,00 kg
 Width  198 mm
 Lenght 298 mm
 Height  135 mm



 Possible count of the elements:               2


CheeseMould MF3


  Type  Multimould whith round elements



Size of each component:



 Volume 2,00 kg
 Diameter ø 270 mm
 Height     135 mm


  Possible count of the elements:  :               2




CheeseMould MF4


Type Cartdrige for Multimhoulds 

Description  Used as collecting cartdrige for forms models  CheeseMould MF2 and  CheeseMould MF3









External dimensions:


 Width  386 mm
 Lenght 756 mm
 Height  70 mm